From the humble beginnings of this travel blog, I have moved into the world of fiction, and am now a published author.

Creative writing is a long road, and my journey so far has been time consuming but hugely enjoyable. I documented my first forays into fiction here if you care to read about them.

I currently write poetry, flash fiction and short stories as well as writing about culture, expat life, travel and teaching in Spain on this blog.

My first collection of short stories, Foreign Voices, is available now in paperback and eBook formats. If you have read and enjoyed Tall Travels over the years, the greatest support you could show would be for you to buy a copy, and leave a review!

Any further published work will be promoted on my twitter feed and on my author website. I am currently working on my second collection of short stories.

For any writers wishing to get in contact, I welcome collaboration. I maintain a regular presence on Critique Circle or you can contact me via Twitter or Facebook page.