Review of the year

Are you sick of 2017 round ups?
No? Well here's how it all went down for me.

January - I started the year in Vietnam and Hong Kong on a family vacation, before returning to work in Pamplona. I didn't really have any New Year's resolutions, although this year has seen blog entries dip in favour of working on my fiction. In January, I wrote about my writing goals and showed off my first published pieces.

February - I took a trip to Madrid for my birthday and caught up with friends from Summer School. We talked about how as teachers, we have the dual task of living in Spanish, and helping Spaniards stamp out their spanglish errors. I wrote this post.

March - Ah the days of being serious about language learning. I wrote about the importance of dedicating time, and not expecting everything to come at once with language, which is not advice that I've heeded myself. Although I planned to take a B2 qualification in Spanish, I didn't find a convenient class for the new academic year. My progress continues . . . slowly.

April - Semana Santa was late this year, and offered a much needed break from work. I travelled down to Lisbon on the train and came back through Galicia. I learned a lot, and met some cool people. I didn't learn to take it slow though; new places will always seem more enticing to me than returning.

May - As I was busy with things like weekends in Barcelona, I started getting in some help to write the blog. My second ever guest post was by Guy, who wrote about his experiences with Tibetan refugees in northern India.

June - The academic year wound down, I got a new flatmate (who provides oil and vegetables from his family's garden), and I explored a little closer to home, in Navarra.

July & August - I returned to Summer School and managed to see friends and family in Sussex and London. Dealing with demanding 10 year olds tends to take over the summer. After my six weeks of work, I went on holiday to the Balkans, landing in Dubrovnik, and flying back to Spain from Budapest.

September - During my Balkans trip I decided to change my diet and go pescatarian. I've since chewed everyone's ear off about it, but I'm enjoying the challenge of cooking new dishes. In mid September, I headed back to Pamplona to start work.

October - After a quick jaunt back to the UK for a wedding, I settled back into life in Navarra. Unfortunately, my favourite bar (and second home), closed its doors, leaving me with no open mic night to play. As for the blog, I collared a friend to write another guest post, this time about English learning.

November - In what was a busy month for work, I found some new friends to play guitar with, blogged about Basque and Spanish culture, and suffered through three colds.

December - The first week of December offered lots of days off, but I felt as though I was constantly flapping around trying to organise drinks, flights, and meetings etc. I managed to get several stories finished, wrote a writing update and spent Christmas at home in Chichester (where I am plotting yet more writing success).

Although Tall Travels has been low in output this year, posts have been more varied than ever - 3 about language, 3 guest posts, 3 about travel, 2 about culture, and 2 writing posts.

I am approaching my 200th post, which will provide another opportunity to look back at my favourite pictures and posts. It's a lot easier than writing original content, you know.

See you in 2018. Happy New Year.


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