The year in numbers

Another busy year is coming to and end, but instead of bombarding you with a lengthy review of 2016, I thought I'd give you a few numbers to consider.

20  - The number of Tall Travels blog posts this year.

This is significantly less than in previous years due to other commitments and a generally frantic year. I will endeavour to keep you better informed next year.

- Re-locations

In the first part of the year, I worked with kids in AndalucĂ­a, then a Summer School in West Sussex, before moving to Pamplona to work with adults in September.

I would not recommend three moves in a year to anyone. The paperwork, transport, and reams of information that come with new jobs and cities is tough to process in such a short space of time. However, Spain is starting to feel a little more like home, and I'm looking forward to year 2.

7 - Short stories written.

This year I decided to focus on writing fiction and have dedicated time to learning the craft and putting pen to paper. I would have liked to complete one story per month, but have been writing songs, poetry, blogs, children's stories, diaries and flash fiction pieces too.

I had this short piece published in Flash Fiction Magazine, and have a short story scheduled for publication in January.

My writing goal for 2017 is to achieve success in a short story or flash fiction competition, and hopefully see one of my stories in physical print.

- The number of years I have been teaching and travelling.

You can read May's post I wrote reflecting on that milestone here. This Christmas is the fifth in six that I have been away, although I am lucky to be with the family enjoying the weather in South East Asia.

290 - An estimate of the number of students I have taught this year.

It has been an extraordinary mix of ages and stages from around the world. They always keep me on my toes and make sure I am motivated to help everybody communicate well (in English).

I like to think I am good with names, although I have gotten them wrong (very occasionally). At least most of my students this year know my name. Gone is the ubiquitous cry of 'teeeeaaaaccchhhheeerrrrrr'.

11 - Countries visited

I've been in UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Vietnam, Netherlands.

I've seen a few new parts of Spain. I'll be updating the photo page of the blog with some shots from my current trip.

Next year my travel plans include Portugal, Morocco and Eastern Europe.

1000+ Kilometers driven.

After ten years of car free living, I now drive to some businesses out of town to teach. Re-learning how to operate a motor vehicle was just another one of this years challenges conquered.

That's it for this year. All that remains for me to say is have a great New Year!