Spainwise recruitment fair 2016

Good morning job seekers!

May brings about the mad recruitment rush as academies and schools look to lock down teachers for next academic year. As my current job is maternity cover and ends soon, I decided to visit the Spainwise TEFL jobs fair which it was conveniently being held in Cordoba.

I really had no idea what to expect from the event. I wasn't sure if jobs would be offered on the spot to the few grizzled teachers that turned up, or if thousands of fresh faced CELTA graduates would come through the doors.

Anyway, these types of industry events are always good to attend, especially as it is free for teachers. Life is all about who you know, so I went to shake hands and make nice with the Spanish TEFL elite.

The event:

The event was well attended as Spainwise had promoted the fair well online, and provided everything you would need to get there (including a free bus!). There were around 50 exhibitors ranging from academies as far away as Bilbao to language industry bodies.

Everyone on the stands was really helpful and friendly and conducted pre-interviews as there was a large number of candidates. I got some really useful information about becoming a Cambridge oral examiner and spoke to several of the schools about September too.

Candidates could complete an online CV before arriving so that the recruiters could see all of their information on the day. However, this didn't always work perfectly as some of the academies wanted you to fill in questionnaires and sheets which contained mostly the same information.

I felt that some of the academies gave you a clear indication of action (for example a Skype interview next week), and others wanted more time to process candidates. It was a shame when stalls simply took your information as I felt this could have all been done online rather than in person.

After a busy week at work in the middle of the exam period, all of these on-the-spot interviews felt a little full on. I think the event was geared more toward those new to TEFL in Spain. The candidates who want tons of information and plenty of interview practice. By the afternoon, I was worn out and decided to skip the seminar I had booked into (although it sounded interesting).

The location:

Although Baena is under an hour away, I haven't written much about Cordoba (apart from my visits to its theatre of disappointment). That's because my trips there for visa purposes have felt rather business like.

The mid sized city is one of AndalucĂ­a's must see locations. It has the typical narrow white streets with colourful ceramics, good restaurants and the possibly the most famous cathedral and mosque in the country.

We had a look around the city centre and then stopped in a taberna for some typical salmorejo (a cold tomato cream dish served with bread).

After a week of rain, we got some much needed sun. The weather has been surprisingly cool up until this point. Temperatures in Cordoba can reach 50 degrees in summer!

Spainwise 2016:

Overall, I thought the event was well planned and organised. I found it useful to speak to everyone there and would go again.

I hope to update you soon about where I will be working in September 2016.

The tall job hunter.