New Year, new job

As you may have guessed from the new header I'm moving somewhere new for 2016 . . . Spain. Here are the answers to the many questions that I'm sure you have.

Where will you be living? 

I've accepted a job in Baena, a small town in the province of Andalucia. It is right in the centre of the map. Baena is around 60km from the bigger city of Cordoba, is famous for olive oil, and is pronounced in the same way as 'whale' in Spainsh. It is an hour or so from Malaga airport's budget airlines and within range of Andalucia's famous destinations such as Sevilla and Granada.

Why are you moving to Spain?

I have written extensively about Mexico and how I enjoyed my time there, but wished to move to another warm Spanish speaking country to continue my progress with the language. Spain is much more accessible for family and friends, and gives me the chance to travel in Europe again. I can't say that I've always been enthralled with Spanish culture, but travelling so much in Latin America has made me realise that I don't know my own continent very well.

Previous trips to Spain included a rather quiet weekend in Barcelona, and a family holiday where I cheated death (and have the scar to prove it). With a little more time to explore and settle in this time, I hope to get a bit deeper into Iberian culture, sample some new food and maybe fight some bulls of something. What with the nation's greatest historical leader and I sharing a name, it seems like a good idea.

When will you be there?

I'll be in Baena for 16th January, until the term finishes at the end of May. School starts again in September, so I'll have time to work or travel during the summer months. I like to think that I'll stay a while in Spain (I certainly did in Mexico), but you can only really plan one step ahead before life deals you a new hand. I don't have any long term expectations although I hope I will be happy there.

Who will you teach? 

I'll be teaching 25 hours a week (afternoons) in an institute which caters for kids, adults and anyone inbetween. Most of the classes will be exam preparation for teenagers after school. They might not be as angelic or as easily pleased as my previous university students, but I expect them to be more switched on and a good new challenge. My world famous Adventures from the Classroom series shall continue apace in 2016.

What can we expect from Tall Travels?

Hopefully the same mix of sarcasm, insight, bad photography, jokes and questionable philosophy that I've been churning out for the past few years.

I'll be writing about small town life, teaching English, Spanish culture, the people I meet and the places I go.


My New Years' Resolutions (or general life goals really) include finding a good work-life balance, improving my teaching, meeting new people through and outside of work, a completing a Spanish Language qualification.

Wish me luck in my new life and as always, keep reading.

Philip II