The ukulele

It's been a while since my last musical offering so I thought I would treat you all to some more tunes this time.

I bought myself a ukulele at Christmas while on vacation in the state of Michoacan. I had actually planned to buy a jarana jarocha (a ten stringed small Mexican instrument) but I saw a beauty of a 'uke' in the shop and got that instead. I figured that the ukulele was a little cheaper and easier to learn with all of the resources online. All of the instruments in this small town on lake Patzcuaro were hand made and full of character. I'm sure that technically, my instrument isn't top of the line, but it feels nice and looks like a cool mini-guitar because of the cutaway.

I also bought it to for my upcoming travels, it's much more transportable than a guitar. I realise that I run the risk of being seen as a travelling hipster-wanker by other hostel dwellers, but hey, it's fun to play.

I'm busily learning some popular tunes for requests (think Bob Marley / Beatles), and some favourite tunes of mine that translate well to the instrument . . . and yes, I can play "When I'm cleaning windows" by George Formby.

Please check out the videos, one of them is a new song I recently wrote. I hope you like them, and if you don't then you can have a good laugh at a big man playing a very small guitar.

Fly me to the moon - ukulele cover

El tiempo - Ukulele original

Boys don't cry - Ukulele cover

P.S. this is my 150th post - wow, that's a lot of time spent transcribing my babblings and warblings!