Reverse blogging

One of the downsides of writing a blog is that everyone knows what you are up to, all of the time. People don't tend to ask how the food is or what I've been up to, because they already know!

Moving to the other side of the world to live for a year scratching around for work teaching English isn't the most normal thing to do, but very few people ask questions about it. So this week, instead of another article about some mildly amusing aspect of Argentinian life, I want you to tell me what you've been doing.

Don't worry, I'm not feeling suicidally lonely or homesick, but would like to make this more of a two way thing. I feel like I'm racking my brains for porteño anecdotes, and you are just harvesting the sweet fruit of my wit and literary genius (witterary genius?!?!?)

It's not me, it's you.

So, please reply to me in the following template:

Since we last spoke I have . . .

Something funny happened to me  . . .
You won't believe it but . . .
Soon I'm . . . 

If you receive the blog by email, reply to If you visit the site, feel free to post in the comments, or reply by email.

I'll start:

Since we last spoke I have . . .signed myself up for some kind of psycological experiment (with better pay than teaching), indulged in some illegal flyposting around the city, and discovered that I'm not very good at learning how to play other people's music anymore.

Something funny happened to me  . . . when I tried to insist that I was 'only joking'. I confidently put my newly learned Spanish into action and declared "I'm only throwing your legs".

You won't believe it but . . . my hair is now long enough that I have to wear a bandanna to play football.

Soon I'm . . . going to go to Uruguay.

So there you have it. Give me your news . . .  POR FAVORE!
I will publish the best ones (without names of course) soon.

Muchas Gracías