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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Office larks

Welcome to one of the fastest growing sports in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Since my arrival, Globe Ball (or Glober for short) has become a major passtime my office hours free time. The sport was founded by two English pioneers Guy Adams C.B.E and the right honourable Lord John of Gadstone cerca late 2013. Read on to learn more about the rules, regulations and see pictures of this great new sport.

The target
Globe Ball is a target based ball throwing game contested by either two or three individual players. They were later joined on the official Globe Ball council by a third member, Señor Tall of Traveldom.

There is only one official Globe Ball court. It is located in the Universidad de la Sierra Sur Language Centre in the office of Guy Adams. The court is surrounded by a 90,000 all seater stadium seating complex which is regularly sold out for official games. This fact has and can never be verified.

The game:

Players must first decide the order of play by playing rock-paper-scissors. This results in the familiar cry of "1-2-GLOBE BALL" on the show.

A successful shot
Players take it in turn to throw one of the official Globe Balls (polymer plastic, filled with air but with a little 'give') into the regulation bin based receptacle. The bin should be half filled with rubbish and given a good squash down to minimized the dreaded 'bounce-outs'. After a successful shot, players must move back one stone until they are successful on the sixth and final stone. A bounce-out shot does not score, whilst a rare bounce-in shot results in a re-take.

Sets are gained by winning 6 games, with a championship going to the player who reaches three sets first.

Legal throws must be overarm, with both feet grounded behind the play line. Throwing techniques vary however, with some of the more popular methods documented below:

The Fans:

An illegal throw
Fans of the game can be divided into two camps, the purists and the radicals - who would love to see new rules introduced and more exhibition matches played. Exhibition matches may include all kinds of new throwing techniques, different positions and scoring systems. Exhibition matches have yet to be approved by all three council members though.

Purist fans have been known to bring Thermos flasks and PG tips bags in the hope of a celebratory cup of tea for a Perfect Game (a PG). At present Guy Adams is the only player to have recorded the coveted perfect game which earned him Globe Baller of the year 2013.

The Players:

Guy Adams:
Throwing style - the Wilkinson squat
Nickname: The Chipmunk
Quote: "When I win the inaugural championship, I'm going to take a trip to Guy's Island"
Pros: Sledging other players
Cons: Arrogant playing style
Total sets: 2
Interesting fact: His three middle names have the same initials as Her Majesty's Government.

John Gadstone:
Throwing style: The spitting cobra.
Nickname: The Crumbler
Quote: "I'm going to Graceland, Graceland, in Memphis Tenessee".
Pros: Game stamina
Cons: Weak bowels and stomach
Total sets: 1
Fact: As a big Arsenal fan he once wanted to change his name to "Pat Rice Gadstone-Graham"

Name: Phil Charter
Throwing style: At the ockey
Nickname: El cangrejo
Quote: "Justice for all"
Pros: Height
Cons: Loss of concentration
Total sets: 2
Interesting fact: Phil has had five opportunities for a Perfect Game and has missed all of them.

I'll keep you all updated on who does indeed win the first Globe Ball championship, but if you want to keep up to date with the latest scores, you'll have to get yourself down to the CENID stadium to watch a live game.

Happy Easter

The crab.

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